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Artemis Labs News and Information

Artemis Labs at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest ( RMAF ) 2008, Denver Co. USA
Artemis Labs showcases full product line at the 2008 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF).


Artemis Announces the Up Coming Release of the New SP-1 Amplifier
Artemis Labs is proud to announce the up coming release of the new 300B based, single ended, 15-18 watt vacuum tube amplifier. A prototype of the SP-1 was showcased at the 2005 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.

AYDN Vacuum Tube Audio Exhibits Artemis Labs LA-1, PH-1 and PL-1 Phono Preamp at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (Oct. 2005)

Artemis Labs product master distributor, AYDN Vacuum Tube Audio, showcases the LA-1, PH-1 and PL-1 Phono Pre Amp at the 2005 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest taking place in Denver Colorado. Also exhibited is the prototype Artemis SP-1 Power Amplifier.

Artemis Labs PH-1 phono preamp with Galibier Design turntable. Artemis Labs PH-1 phono preamp with Teres Audio turntable. Artemis Labs LA-1 line stage preamp and PL-1 Phono preamp. Prototype SP-1 Power Amp on the right. Artemis Labs SP-1 Power Amp prototype, 18 watts single ended class A with Triangle Magellan Concerto.


The Absolute Sound Reviews Artemis Labs' LA-1 Line Preamp and PL-1 Phono Preamp (2005)

In the August / September 2005 issue (155) of The Absolute Sound magazine, editor Wayne Garcia reviews the Artemis Labs vacuum tube based LA-1 Line Preamp and PL-1 Phono Pre-Amps. In the article Mr. Garcia describes his listening experience with the LA-1 and PL-1 as "spine-tingling." He also comments on the design and construction of the units. For review details, please refer to issue 155 of The Absolute Sound magazine already in distribution or download the review here (requires free Sign-Up):

Artemis Labs PL-1 Review By TAS
Artemis Labs LA-1 Review By TAS

Sources: The Absolute Sound

EnjoyTheMusic.com Hands-On Review of the Artemis Labs PH-1 Phono Pre-Amp (2005)

Dick Olsher of EnjoyTheMusic.com reviews a production unit of the vacuum tube based Artemis Labs PH-1 Phono Pre-Amp. The review covers in depth technical discussion as well as sonic performance.

"....exceptionally well designed and crafted component, ......Its sound quality is in fact bordering on the amazing .......easily makes my all-time top-three short list of phono preamplifiers"

For the full, in-depth review, please visit ;


Sources: Enjoy The Music.com


















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