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Artemis Labs DP-2 Vacuum Tube Stereo Power Amplifier DP-2 Vacuum Tube Push Pull Stereo Power Amplifier

The Artemis Labs DP-2 Power Amplifier is a purist design. It uses the classic 2A3 directly-heated triodes in push-pull class-A with transformer phase splitting. Careful power supply filtering and regulation of critical voltages ensure stable, quiet operation.
Given that the DP-2 amplifier puts out about 10 watts per channe.

LA-1 Line PreAmp
The Artemis Labs LA-1 Line Pre Amp combines the clean, accurate sound of a purist single-triode line amplifier with the convenience and reliablity of a solid, well built product.
SP-1 Power Amplifier
The new Artemis Labs SP-1 is a tube based monoblock stereo power amplifier with power supply on a seperate chassis and designed to deliver faithful audio reproduction.
PH-1 Phono PreAmp
The Artemis Labs PH-1 Phono Pre Amp is the result of several years of perfecting a simple yet extremely high quality tube-type preamp.
PL-1 Phono PreAmp
The Artemis Labs PL-1 Phono Pre Amp is a tube type preamp specifically designed for low-output phono cartridges and shares its design and construction with our PH-1 unit.

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